Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Day

Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 6:59pm
Got up later than I meant to and am tired now. I'm staying at a wonderful little pension in the trendy section of town. Yeah, Right. It was rainy and cold and it felt wonderful. I made my way via tram to the Hauptbahnhof and got a week's ticket so I can co me and go as I please on the trams and buses. As I walked to the tram stop' I passed a pet shop and saw a book on Ratten. Rats! So I went in and saw rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice but no ratties. So, in my baby German, I went up and asked, Haben Sie Ratten? Ja. She took me back and showed me the rats, 2 males who were under a wooden igloo in their cage. She and I talked a bit and t turns out that she has rats, too. When she asked, English? I said, Amerikanerin. She said, "Ahhh, alles ist klar. I got that a lot after admitting that I wasn't German. Or maybe it was "Alles klar." Either works.
I got to the school and met folks there and got a tour of the building to saw my office. I fell in love with that room (see my mobile uploads for today). I also got a little bit more of an idea of how things run. A lot to learn, but I know how to work with kids and to be a counselor. The rest is just adapting it to a new setting and culture.
I can't get in to see any flats until Monday, which is disappointing. But I will spend tomorrow roaming the neighborhood around the school and getting to know it. I might it the zoo Saturday or the old town.
I got back to the pension just fine and picked up some supper and some fruit for tomorrow morning. The tricky part is making sure I have food for Sunday, since everything closes down. The school sec'y is having me over for dinner Sunday night, though, so I won't starve.

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  1. Difficult, wonderful, life-enhancing, lonely sometimes, exciting!